Do I Need a Website?

If you are in business no matter how large or small, the answer is quite simply... YES!

New research shows that over 84% of the population of the UK are now connected to the Internet at home or work (over 52 million people). A website will allow you to offer information about your goods and services to this huge audience 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A website is a global presence and will also help you reach people from further afield, particularly valuable if you have a Guest House, Holiday Cottage or Touring Park.

So what can you reasonably expect in the way of extra business from your website?

Well like everything else in life the amount you get out of a website tends to be proportional to what you and your website designer put into it. On our part we will try to ensure that you feature on all the main search engines, and that you are easy to find (but obviously we cannot make any predictions about search engine ratings). We will also give you advice and help about promoting your website.

It is difficult to put a figure on the amount of extra business that you can reasonably expect, so we will just state our findings to date. On one end of the scale we have a client whose business has increased by over 50% in a year, but most of our clients estimate their websites account for between 10 to 20% of their yearly business. On this basis a website has to be the most cost-effective single means of generating extra business.

There are other benefits in having a website. Many of our clients report that they have considerably reduced their "ineffective" time spent on the telephone, because potential customers have seen their website and know in some detail the service or product they offer. When potential customers contact them, they are often ready to order.

It is often beneficial to both you and your customer to direct them to your website to obtain, for example, a long detailed price list. It will save you time trying to explain all the detail over the telephone, and save your customer time in writing it down (they can print it out from your website). Plus there is less likelihood of misunderstandings or inaccuracies.

Finally you can tell the World (quite literally) all about the goods or services you offer, in more detail than through any other means, together with photographs and diagrams.