About Us

We are a small web design family run business based in Norfolk, with many years of experience in sales and marketing. We formed "Friendly Hippo" in 1999 to offer small to medium sized businesses a website design and management service at an affordable price. We can get a website up and running in a week (depending on the level of content).

Our business principles are simple. We work to an old-fashioned value called "taking a pride in your work". That means that we care about you, about the website we produce for you and about the service we give you. We are reliable. When we say we will do something, we do it, and quickly.

We are easy to get along with and are friendly and helpful. We are not aloof. We don't mind if you know little or nothing about computers or websites. We will guide you through the whole process using plain English and no computer jargon. So for your business's sake, don't hesitate: contact us today!