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2022 Events

Saturday, 15 October, 10am - 3.30pm - Six Healing Sounds Qigong and Sound Meditation

Wootton Village Hall, Wootton Lane, Wootton, near Canterbury CT4 6RP

During the first two sections of the workshop Anna Dashwood will introduce The 'Six Healing Sounds Qigong', which offers the opportunity of improving health using a fusion of sound and movement. Thousands of years ago, by observing nature, ancient healers noticed that humans and animals made specific sounds to release emotions in different situations. It was discovered that the vibrations of certain sounds resonate with particular organs in the body. The healers used the sounds to clear organs of negative emotions. Just like a good wine, the system stood the test of time. Let us enjoy it together!

Anna    Wootten Hall

Giles Mountain is a sound therapist. In part three, to create a sound bath meditation experience, Giles skilfully weaves healing sounds, using the human voice and an array of instruments including Tibetan singing bowls, bells, shriti box, gongs and shamanic drums. Sound baths are deeply relaxing and a reinvigorating experience, often described as a sonic massage for the soul. Visit for more information.

The workshop is designed for you to step away from everyday life and get a deeper understanding and fresh ideas on maintaining your health. It's crafted to suite all levels. Workshop fee is £80. Please get in touch with Anna at for a more detailed leaflet and to enrol.

Giles Mountain

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