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2019 Events

Lao Jia Yi Lu Tai Chi Workshops - Saturday, 27 April, 6 July, 10am 2pm
Wootton Village Hall, Wootton Lane, Wootton, between Canterbury CT4 6RP and Dover.

This is an opportunity to relax into an unhurried study of Chen style silk reeling, meditation and Lao Jia Yi Lu in a tranquil and inspiring atmosphere. For intermediate level students. To book your place with 30 workshop fee please contact Anna Dashwood on 01304 205 405 / 07736 849 194 or email

Qigong Workshops
In 2019 we offer three Seasonal Qigong workshops for you to enjoy. They are crafted to show how you can support yourself during spring, summer and autumn with seasonal exercises, appropriate diet and living more in tune with the natural laws of energy. The workshops will be presented by Anna Dashwood, founder of Phoenix Feather School of Tai Chi, a gold medallist of 2018 competitions in Chen Village, Henan province, China a birth place of Tai Chi. The events will take place in the charming Wootton Village Hall, situated in picturesque Wootton, between Canterbury and Dover.

Sunday, 24 March, 10 am 4.30 pm Chun Ji Spring Wisdom Qigong and Chinese Calligraphy & Reflexology
By learning Spring Qigong and understanding this season's powerful energy you will keep flexible physically, emotionally and mentally. During the second part of the workshop, under the guidance of Moira Ni, you will discover Chinese zodiac with the magic touch of Calligraphy brushes. Two art forms Tai Chi and Calligraphy share inherent qualities of rhythm and methodology, with similarities in composition and essence, because of their common cultural root. During the workshop you will have a chance to enjoy a free Reflexology session.

Sunday, 19 May, 10 am 4.30 pm Xai Ji Summer Wisdom Qigong & Reflexology - FULLY BOOKED
You will learn Xia Ji ~ Summer Wisdom Qigong exercises to balance the Fire energy of the season and some hand reflexology, a wonderful and effective way of maintaining your health. Reflexology has grown out of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has become an established form of natural healing. During the workshop you will have a chance to experience the power of Reflexology for yourself with the sessions given by Helen Fowler.

Sunday, 28 July, 10 am 4.30 pm Qui Ji Autumn Wisdom Qigong & Remedial Therapy
You will explore various ways to prepare yourselves and enjoy autumn energy from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Qigong, diet and good habits. Remedial Therapy is one of the oldest and most natural forms of medicine. Our soft tissue therapist, Tim Sutton, who was very popular at our previous workshops, will offer his sessions and advice to lessen any aches and pains you may have.

How to Secure Your Place
Each Qigong workshop will run from 10 am to 4.30 pm with several breaks for refreshments. Included are a two course buffet lunch, teas/coffees and still water throughout the day. The food is home made from locally sourced seasonal produce. All-inclusive fee for each workshop is 65. For March workshop the fee includes your calligraphy writing materials. For May and July workshops the fee is inclusive of your reflexology and remedial therapy sessions, which are optional.

To secure your place, please print and post the completed application, together with the fee payable to Anna Dashwood to Phoenix Feather School of Tai Chi, 2 Auckland Crescent, Dover, CT16 2JR. Once registered, you will receive a more detailed information pack.

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