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Roof Vents
The advantages of fitting a Heki rooflight onto your van will be immediately apparent. As well as allowing more light into your vehicle, they will also improve ventilation. The thermostatically controlled and self-opening Fan-Tastic Vent 6040, with rain sensor and unobtrusive 3 speed motor, will even maintain your chosen temperature without your having to adjust it.

Electric Steps
The 12-volt Omnistep will slide down for you at the flick of a switch. A microswitch is connected to a warning light or buzzer to warn you if it's still down when you switch the ignition on. The surface is of ribbed aluminium to help prevent slipping, whilst the edges are rounded and fluorescent in the dark.

For peace of mind we can fit the heavy duty Abus 4010 rim locks onto your cab and caravan door to prevent unauthorised access. Locked from the outside with a key, from the inside with turning knob. For the very security conscious we can install a safe, which is bolted firmly down through the floor.

Additional Storage
For a clutter-free interior, we can fit top boxes, back boxes and even replace your drop down bed with an overhead locker kit tailored to your specific Hymer.

Solar Panels
An effective way to harness natural energy. Solar panels work at their best in bright sunshine but will still provide a useful charging current in cloudy conditions. Output ranges from 30 watts to 110 watts depending on the size of the panel.
N.B. To make the most of your solar panel, we suggest that you have a second leisure battery fitted.

Air Conditioners
For comfort during hot weather you can have an air conditioning unit fitted. Roof mounted for efficient operation, as the warm air rises it is drawn into the unit - falling back into the van once more when cooled. A further benefit with most models is the filtering away of airborne dust particles.

Designed for use with motor caravans, the Omnistor 5002/5500/5800 series will add space, as well as shelter and shade around your van. The winding handle ensures a smooth and easy rolling down operation, whilst the integrated stop mechanism eliminates problems when rolling up again. When the awning is closed the support arms are completely concealed.

Petrol/Diesel/Gas Powered Generators
Ideal for quietly and efficiently providing power for your air conditioning unit, as well as your other 230-volt appliances, where there is no mains hook up. The Electrolux 2500H, for example, supplies a continuous output of 2,000 watts/230 volts - rising to 2,500 watts for short bursts.

Rear View Cameras
A rear view camera allows the driver to see the area around the back of the vehicle. Not only does this make reversing easier, it also enables you to see the rear of the van when driving. It can even be used as a security surveillance system when parked up. Cameras can be used day and night.

Mains Heating Collars
These are designed for Truma Mk 2 boilers, and enable you to make full use of the electricity provided at the camp site to heat your hot water.

Gas Bottle Tanks
Now that many new Hymers come with a double floor, the only place to fit a bulk gas tank is inside an underfloor locker - which is not ideal. However, as an alternative we have now sourced 26 litre gas bottles (which are approximately equal to 13 kg) at a very competitive price. We have put together a kit, comprising 2 x 26 litre (13kg) bottle tanks, all pipework and a flush filler (to fit neatly into the skirt) with bayonet and French/Italian adaptors. This will fit into your existing gas locker, enabling you to fill up with gas at any LPG station across Europe and eliminating the need for different bottles and regulators. Although the bottles already come with gauges, an optional electronic gauge can also be fitted inside the vehicle.

We can also fit two-stage bulkhead mounted regulators to your van, to comply with current EN 1949 recommendations.

We now fit aluminium bottles which save a considerable amount of weight

Our tow-bars are all individually made to measure for each Hymer model, and are capable of pulling trailers or A-frames & cars of any size within the vehicle train weight. The electrics include a seven pin socket and dashboard failsafe indicator for the trailer lights. Available galvanised or powder coated.

This is just an example of the accessories that we can fit for you. A fuller description of our range of services is available on request.

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